From our farmer to the door of Our Customers
in just 4 days

In 2010 observing the needs of our customers and with the goal of providing high quality service for the storage and distribution, constitute the Division of Transportation, with the mission of covering all strategic points where our clients are present throughout US.

The Transportation Division starts operations this year with 2 units with simply 10,000 square feet of storage. Nowadays we have a transportation fleet of 20 trailers with a capacity of 670 loads per week within 50,000 square feet of warehouse space with controlled temperatures.

Our value is the ability to offer our customers, the best service and quality through management of ours products,” FROM FARM TO YOUR HOME”. Our responsibility to ensure that fruit arrives on time and excellent condition.

Our Transportation Fleet is extremely safe and reliable in Mexico and across the US. The Transportation Division (LMX LOGISTICS LLC) is a certified carrier in DOT and C-TPAT to ensure the best quality and service to our customers.
Having our own transport allows us to have a response time from our farmer to the door of Our Customers in just 4 days, translating it in FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WITH EXCELLENT QUALITY AND TASTE.

Our Division has the highest technology in refrigeration service and satellite tracking in real time of all our units.

Our customers are our greatest responsibility!!!