Excellence in the fresh market

We pride ourselves on the dedicated and expert work of the hands involved in the development of our products


World-class quality

We are a third generation family business with 30 years of experience that originated in the fields of Mexico. The SiCarFarms seal of excellence integrates citrus, fruits and vegetables.

We have several packing houses throughout Mexico and The United States, equipped with technology that allows a systematized selection that accelerates our processes.

We have crops of our products in all the most important producing areas of Mexico.


The quality, taste and freshness of our products make us stand out

We can adapt to your needs by creating custom packaging, we have the necessary technology and infrastructure

We come to you! We have the land, sea or air logistics to get to where you are

Our commitment is with the planet and our employees. In addition to high quality standards we have sustainable processes and guidelines for fair trade

Worldwide Recognition

Our constant efforts to provide fresh products with the best quality, has led us to have world class certifications

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