We are proud that our activity is an engine for progress. Committed to this vocation, we develop practices that promote social development.

We participate in the Reforestation of Forest Species Program to promote biodiversity. We use bio-repellents and other products that protect health and sanitation.

Food Safety

Our certified superior quality practices are endorsed by the most recognized health and hygiene safety management systems within the agricultural and food industry.

Industrial Safety

In our activities we also implement safe operating practices and controls that contribute to protect the physical integrity of our personnel; building safe work spaces.

Employment and Development

SiCar Farms’ leadership is the result of the talent, experience, knowledge and dedication of a team of more than 1,500 employees who thrive in a favorable work environment.


SiCar Farms is an excellent place to grow and develop an exciting job that offers excellent results.

Growth and Development




Quality of life

Transparency and honesty

Respect and companionship

At SiCar Farms we are a team with vocation, integrated, honest, respectful, passionate, committed and responsible. We aspire to excellence and work for the growth and satisfaction of our customers and consumers.

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Professional attention

The experience and honest and personalized treatment of our personnel are key elements in our customer service. Their knowledge of the agro-fresh produce sector, processes, products, standards and regulations allows them to provide advice, attend to needs and follow up on the fulfillment of commercial contracts.

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