Fair Trade

Food Program

With bi-monthly food vouchers that are a very useful tool to improve the nutrition of our employees and their families. By allowing them to access to reduce food expenses, these vouchers can also help families save money and improve their long-term finances. Thanks to the Fair Trade food program, these bi-monthly food vouchers are an excellent way to support families in their nutritional and economic well-being.

Age: 53 years old
Area: Inocuity
Position: Cleaner
Project: Household Appliance, Stove

Yolanda Sánchez

I like working at SiCar Farms because they support us a lot with transportation from home and they treat us very well.
The support they give us from Fair trade certification is excellent because I had not worked before in any company where they give us this type of benefits to have a better place to live

Age: 25 years old
Area: Production
Position: Forklift operator
Project: Household Appliance, Washer

Huri N. Chacón

The washing machine that I had previously stopped working, but with the washer that I received from the Household Appliance project of Fair Trade our housework is easier and faster, so we have more time to spend with the family.
SiCar Farms give me the chance to have a decent job and a secure income for my family

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