SiCar Farms new expansion in Yucatan

SiCar Farms recently acquired 4,000 acres and is building a state-of-the-art packinghouse facility in the southeast region of Mexico. With this addition, now the (Gudino Ochoa) GO Group has secured land in all the main production zones of Mexico. This investment will result in meeting consumer demand year-round and specifically during the winter season.

In this project, 40 percent of the land purchased will be preserved as a natural preservation area.  “Greater control of growing, logistics and the cold chain enables us to yield quality assurance and uphold long-term relationships and demand of our customers,” said Daniel Gudino, CEO of SiCar Farms/Mexico, who manages operations and production of all the major growing regions. “We have greater controls within the supply chain that guarantees customers’ satisfaction.”

“We have consistently been focused on innovation, diversification and sustainability,” said Luis Gudino, CEO of SiCar Farms/U.S. “With this new packinghouse in the Yucatan area, we will be able to process over 120 tons a day of our main commodity which is Persian limes. This new acquisition at SiCar Farms, we’ll strengthen our supply chain and packing capacity.”

“We have increased our production capacity by 35 percent with some recent technology advances in our production lines,” said Sigifredo Gudino who manages Citrojugo, part of the GO Group. “We will start trials with some other citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerine and orange by the end of this year. This empowers us to increase our portfolio in the juices and oil division.”

SiCar Farms will be at the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show next week, exhibiting in the Mexican Pavilion at booth No. 1351. 

“Our team will be available to talk with buyers about our fresh products and processed juices, product lines, year-round availability, as well as creating opportunities and programs of partnering to supply North American consumers with world class quality”.

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