Fair Trade

White Goods Program

To provide a better quality of life for employees and their families that helps them improve their homes with appliances that facilitate and enhance their household activities.


Age: 53 years old
Area: Inocuity
Position: Cleaner

Yolanda Sánchez

I like working at SiCar Farms because they support us a lot with transportation from home and they treat us very well.
The support they give us from Fair trade certification is excellent because I had not worked before in any company where they give us this type of benefits to have a better place to live

Age: 25 years old
Area: Production
Position: Forklift operator

Huri N. Chacón

The washing machine that I had previously stopped working, but with the washer that I received from the Household Appliance project of Fair Trade our housework is easier and faster, so we have more time to spend with the family.
SiCar Farms give me the chance to have a decent job and a secure income for my family

Age: 57 years old
Area: Production
Position: Packer

María Ortega

I needed a refrigerator in my house since we didn’t have one & the food didn’t keep long time in good condition.
The support we receive from Fair Trade is a great help because it gives my family and me a better quality of life, thanks to SiCar Farms.

Age: 41 years old
Area: Ranches
Position: Harvester

Gerardo Jiménez

I like working at “La Lupita” Ranch because of the flexible working time, and we are treated with dignity.
I didn’t have a refrigerator at home to store our food, and when they told me about the Fairtrade bonus I was excited because it was exactly what my family needed!

Age: 41 years old
Area: Ranches
Position: Laborer

David A. Silverio

I like working at “La Lupita” Ranch because of its nearness to my home and also because the transportation service saves us money.
The support given to us through Fair Trade, which was a refrigerator, was a great help to my family.

Age: 41 years old
Area: Ranches
Position: Laborer

Luis A. Valdivia

I like working here at “La Lupita” ranch because they support us in many ways and the fellowship is reflected.
I am motivated by the support SiCar Farms give us through Fair trade for the welfare of our families

Age: 26 years old
Area: Inocuity
Area: Ranch

Ismael Hernández

Ismael and his family are very happy with the projects that are being carried out as a benefit for SiCar Farms’ employees as they receive their new washing machine.

Age: 55
Seniority: 10
Area of work: Ranch

J. Santos Vargas

I’m thrilled with the projects for the benefit of all the workers & I’m personally grateful for the delivery of my washing machine, since it’s the main need I had at home and it will make my family’s tasks easier

Age: 70
Seniority: 5
Area of work: Ranch

Margarito Hernández

“I’m grateful that projects are
implemented for the benefit of workers and the delivery I received of the stove since I didn’t have one in good condition, which made it difficult for me to prepare my meals.

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