Get to know about Lupita!

Meet our talent. Get to know Lupita, our Plant Manager in Veracruz with more than 8 years of experience in the citrus industry.

For Lupita, the most exciting part of her hard work is that she learns new things every day, from field work to the lime production process. The most important challenge in her career has been to give structure to the administrative and operational processes within the company and to raise awareness of its importance.

However, the outcome of her effort brings personal and professional satisfaction, as she tells us, the fact that every year the Veracruz unit is the best working unit in Sicar Farms, allowing her to contribute to the growth of the company’s productivity.

With the experience she has accumulated in these years of service, Lupita is currently committed to developing a program to support local producers so that they become our main suppliers throughout the year, an initiative that she is currently promoting. SiCar Farms women, Mexican women who stand out in all areas, are our pride.
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