Fair Trade in SiCar Farms

At #SiCarFarms, we understand that our collaborators are the fundamental cornerstone of any organization, and each one of their particular contributions allows us to exist as a company in order to offer quality products.

    From career development programs, support bonuses, plans for continuous improvement, and grants for research and innovation, we look to support our team with the promise to live our philosophy and values at #SiCarFarms, like:

  • work and results as synonyms for growth
  • sincerity and trust, our code of conduct
  • collaboration and effort, our formula for work
  • friendship as our mode of integration
  • loyalty and compromise, our guarantee of unity and trust

Our people who work the land, know the fields, and manage our fruits during the whole process are the most important backbone of our company. Because of this, we have been certified by organizations with a focus on sustainability, like Fairtrade, which propels the fair trade of more than 35,000 products in an ethical manner and allows direct support to farmers and workers. This ensures that workers and their families can improve their quality of life with opportunities for professional and social development.

    The “Fair Trade Certification” is a seal that certifies that our products are guaranteed to be in compliance with the fair trade standards established by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International. The difference, compared to other systems of certification, is that the producers have equity in the management of funds and make decisions about said funds. Among the benefits of this are: 

  • Fair prices that cover the costs of sustainable cultivation.
  • A FairTrade Bonus is granted [an extra sum of money that is paid in addition to the sale price that is invested in business and community projects]
  • Decent working conditions; prohibition of discrimination, forced labor, and the exploitation of children. 
  • Access to advanced harvest credits.
  • More solid relationships with buyers for growth. 

    Some actions to support these initiatives that have a direct positive impact on our collaborators are:

  • Lead a sustainable lifestyle
  • Buy our #SiCarFarms products with #Fairtrade seals
  • Be a more critical and reflexive consumer
  • Inform yourself more about #FairTrade and how we participate in it

    We are a big family with love for the land, its protection and its fruits; we seek the wellbeing of each one of our collaborators in Mexico and in the United States. Join the #FairTrade movement with #SiCarFarms.We Take Care of Our People, We Take Care of Our Land.

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