The Colima Green Diamond Conquering the World

In recent decades one of the lime varieties that has gained strength in the international market is the Key Lime, also known by many as Mexican Lime. Its botanical name Citrus Aurantofolia is produced on a large scale especially in the state of Colima.

Currently, the city of Tecomán is the largest producer of the entire state, growing 63% of the state’s crops. Not surprisingly, the city of Tecomán is known as “The Lime Capital of the World”, largely thanks to SiCar Farms which is one of the largest producers of limes not only in Tecomán but throughout Mexico.

 Lime production in Colima

The Colima lime has a certain special acidity and flavor. Characteristically, this lime is small in size, has seeds and a thin peel; it is said that one of the reasons for its special flavor is that the land where it is cultivated contains volcanic residues.

Because of its flavor, this variety of lime can be combined with countless dishes and beverages not only in Mexico, but throughout the world.

Business Potential and the International Market

We could say that the lime is a green diamond; this statement is justified due to its great business potential. Limes are used to produce different types of juices, essential oils for the soft drink industry, jams and a wide range of applications, keeping in mind that not only its fruit but also its leaves, wood and peel can be used.

All these different uses are exploited and produced at SiCar Farms by engineers, growers and farmers with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the usefulness of this valuable fruit.

Exporting the fruit to any part of the world is possible as long as there is air transportation, which facilitates the product reaching its destination promptly. SiCar Farms has created a wide logistic distribution network and has aligned with trade partners to accomplish this goal.

Production in Mexico

In 2017 Mexico was the world’s second largest producer of limes and that year exported a volume of 2 million 187,257 tons.

Mexico’s crop fields occupy 14.8% of the world’s harvested area and account for 13.6% of total production.

The aim is certainly to further increase this figure.

What does the future hold for Mexican Lime?

 Here in SiCar farms we consider that the most important challenge is the professionalization of field production to achieve better use of the land. Acquiring or improving current equipment is a goal in common with most Mexican producers.

Diversification in market is also a very interesting area of ​​opportunity, according to Santiago Arguello Campos, director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) countries such as Saudi Arabia, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Germany have a growing demand for lime.


We are a Ours is a third-generation family business with 40 years of experience. We began in the fields of Mexico and now Grow, Pack and Distribute our own products worldwide. We are a fully integrated lime company providing services to our customers. generation family own business with 40 years of experience that originated in Mexico fields. We grow, We pack and We distribute our own products throughout the world. We are a fully integrated Lime company servicing our customers.   

We specialize mainly in Persian Lime, Key Lime and Organic Lime. We also have seasonal programs for the following items: Oranges, Limes, Mini Watermelon, Jicama, Coconut, Aloe, Nopal, Papaya, Pineapple, Roma Tomatoes, Honeydew Melon, Hot Peppers, Avocados, Banana and Cilantro.

We value certification mechanisms for continuous improvement, innovation, research and development. We respect the land; we incorporate environmentally friendly strategies and technologies. Our commitment to the community is a priority.

We are leaders, we care, we plant, we pack, we ship, we are SiCar Farms

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