Potato taco with aguachile

Recipe made in collaboration with Chef Nico Mejía – Sicar Farms

1 Serving


18g fresh garlic
14g deveined serrano chili
16g white onion
45ml water
Couple of ice cubes
20g fresh cilantro
Colima salt (to taste)
50g clean shrimp

40ml Colima lime juice
60ml fish stock
40g julienne-cut red onion
50g cucumber, sliced in half moons
Colima salt (to taste)
40g purple cabbage
1 fried potato taco


For the aguachile base, add garlic, serrano chili, onion, water, and a couple of ice cubes to a blender. Blend well and gradually add cilantro until it becomes a puree. Season with Colima salt to taste and set aside.
For the aguachile, place the shrimp in a bowl (the chef recommends placing the bowl on a bed of ice or in another larger container with ice to keep the aguachile super fresh), add lime juice, fish stock, red onion, cucumber, and salt. Mix well and let the shrimp marinate. Then, add the previously reserved base to the mixture to complete your aguachile.
For the fried potato taco, mash a boiled potato, add salt to taste, and mix well. Spread the desired amount of puree onto a tortilla, fry in oil, and it is ready.
To assemble, place a bed of purple cabbage on a cold plate, put the hot taco on top, separate the shrimp from the aguachile and place them on top of the taco, and garnish with the remaining vegetables. Reserve the remaining broth to pour over the taco when serving to avoid making it too watery.

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